POWWOW Media Request Instructions

Due to the growth of our many NIA campuses,  Media Department is no longer in charge of the POWWOW Media Presentation.  This responsibility has been delegated to the Secondary and Elementary Technology Teachers. However, Media department will give training and technology support in order to improve your presentation.

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Submit your request at least 48 hours prior to the day of the POWWOW Presentation! 
  2. Download the Power Point template on this link.

* This template  includes the Birthday Song for the Elementary Powwow, School Song lyrics, Accolades Graphics and College Slide. 
* You can use this template and also change the background according your Powwow theme for the day.

3.  Please email your request with the PowerPoint  attached to  your  Campus technology teacher.

NIAA Elementary :  Anna Wyatt
Time:  8:00
email:  awyatt@newmanacademy.org

NIAA Secondary :  _______(Pending approval)
Time: 11:15
email:  _____@newmanacademy.org

NIAA 7th and 8th:  _______(Pending approval)
Time: 1:15
email:  _____@newmanacademy.org

NICH Elementary :  _________(Pending approval)
email: _______@newmanacademy.org

NICH Secondary : Loren Ogden
email: logden@newmanacademy.org

NIAM Elementary: Devin Peterson
email: dpeterson@newmanacademy.org
Time: 8:00

NIAG Elementary: Melissa Evinger
email: mevinger@newmanacademy.org
Time: 2:15

NIAFW Elementary:  Cherie Scott
email: cscott@newmanacademy.org