Uniform Policy

NIA Uniform Policy 

Uniforms promote equality among students. Students study and grow well in an environment where there is little or no disparity. Uniforms are an expression of the discipline we are working to instill in our students. Where there is no discipline, there will be no meaningful learning. Students are required to follow the dress code as outlined in our Uniform Requirement List which is located in the school office. Non-compliance to Uniform and Grooming Regulations will result in an infraction. Please see both the Code of Conduct as well as Disciplinary Action/Infraction System pages for details on infractions and subsequent consequences. In addition, students not in uniform may be asked to call home for appropriate attire, sent home to change attire, or subject to in-school suspension. Uniforms must conform to the approved design/style codes and may only be purchased from the authorized vendors (Brooke of Life Hepzi Uniforms or Kid to Kid) so that students will wear only approved styles and colors. No characters allowed on backpacks. Face coverings/masks must be solid color or print with no letters, cartoon characters or pictures.

NIA Uniform for NON-POWWOW Days

• Polo shirts: red, white or navy blue with NIA logo
• Pants: khaki or navy blue
• Shorts (knee-length): khaki or navy blue (boys only)
• Skorts and capris: khaki and navy blue (girls only)
• Black belts only (no belts for Pre-K)
• Cardigans and sweater vests: navy blue with NIA logos
• Jackets: navy blue nylon hooded jacket with logo; zippered navy hoodie with logo; zippered navy fleece jacket with NIA logo; navy and white jacket with NIA logo. No other jackets other than school uniform jackets will be permitted on uniform days. The only exception is the letter jackets earned by NIA athletes.
• Socks: white crew socks (no ankle socks or footies), white knee socks, white tights or leggings (socks must still be worn with leggings)
• Shoes: white sports shoes (absolutely no other colors are allowed on the shoes; Velcro shoes recommended for Pre-K; for NICH campus ONLY: black rain boots)
• PE Uniforms (7th-12th grade): Navy blue warrior shorts and gray NIA T-shirt

POWWOW Uniform (PreK-11th Grade)

• Oxford shirts and blouses: white only with NIA logo (5th-11th); no logo for Pre-K-4th
• NIA plaid ties for boys and girls
• Navy blue slacks (boys only)
• Black belts only (no belts for Pre-K)
• NIA plaid jumpers (PreK-4th grade)
• NIA plaid skirts (5th-11th grade)
• White knee-high socks for girls; dark socks for boys (no ankle socks or footies)
• Black dress shoes (No black tennis shoes or dress boots. Girls shoes may not have more than a half inch heel; Velcro shoes allowed for Pre-K; for NICH campus ONLY: black, red or navy rain boots)

Senior POWWOW Uniform
• Light blue oxford shirts with NIA logo for boys and girls
• Solid navy skirts (girls)
• Solid navy pants (boys only) Striped tie for boys and girls White knee socks for girls (no ankle socks or footies)
• Dark socks for boys (no ankle socks or footies)
• Black dress shoes (Girls shoes may not have more than a half-inch heel.)
• Black belts only

Dress Code Guidelines
• Students’ uniforms must fit properly, and may not be tattered, torn or excessively worn.
• Slacks, skirts and skorts should be worn at the waist with no sagging.
• Shirts are to be tucked in at all times (except on Jean Day Fridays).
• Clothing on school premises and during school related activities should be modest and not too tight, too short or revealing. Skirts may not be above the knee (front and back), and skorts shall be no more than two inches above the knee (front and back).
• Students are required to wear closed-toe and closed-heel shoes at all times. No flip-flops or wheelies.
• No blankets.
• Head bands, bows, and head scarves may be worn by girls only, and must be in school colors (red, navy, white or plaid). Religious head coverings must also be in school colors. No bandanas. In cold weather, students may wear only white, long-sleeved turtle-neck or crew-neck shirts under their uniform polo shirts.

Fashion Friday Dress Code (PreK-12th Grade)
(Last Friday of the month; $3 if choose to participate.)
• Clothing needs to be free of rips and tears. No holes; no sleeveless.
• Boys shorts are at the knees front and back
• Girls skorts are no more than 2 in above the knee front and back
• Girl skirts and dresses are to the knee--front and back. Modesty shorts are to be worn underneath
• No shorts for girls
• No leggings
• No open-toe or open-heeled shoes; no more than ½ inch heel.

Jeans Day Friday Dress Code (PreK-12th Grade)
(All other Fridays; $2 if choose to participate.)
• Clean, un-tattered, blue jeans; no designs or prints with either the approved Spirit T-shirt or the regular polo shirt.
• Shoes of student’s choice.

NIA Uniforms can be purchased at:

Brooke of Life Uniforms: https://hepzi-tex-styles.myshopify.com/
(682) 999-6365

(In Store)
Kid to Kid Arlington. www.kidtokiduniforms.com
3500 S Cooper St #110
Arlington, TX 76015

(817) 468-1995